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How To Grow Your Wine IQ And Refine Your Palate | Learn To Pair Wine With Cheese

 I can remember when my fiance' and I first went wine tasting. It was actually my very first time ever going wine tasting. A lot of people don't know about the hidden gem of the wineries in Lodi California. This was the first place that I've ever went wine tasting. The experience was wonderful getting the taste those different wines and cheeses was an awesome experience.
best wineries in lodi ca
We have been to several cities to go wine tasting and it's one of my favorite things to do especially when the weather gets warmer. My next place to go is Castello di Amorosa A Napa Valley Castle Winery In Calistoga. I heard so many great things about the mystical winery.
 Having a picnic and a bottle of wine and cheese is the most romantic date that you can have with someone that you love. I have to admit I am avid wine drinker, not quite a connoisseur. But I know what I like when I taste it.
learn to pair wine and cheese
Pinot grigio is my favorite. Since I love to have a glass of wine okay, maybe two glasses every night I wanted to learn how to actually learn flavor profiles of wine and learn how to pair them with different cheeses and I wanted to learn to hone my palate and know what to expect with each varietal of wines I'm not trying to become a sommelier, but it would be nice to learn how to determine the different flavor profiles and flavor notes of wine. And also learn how to pair them with different cheeses, So I can be a bit of a show off when we have our get togethers with our loved ones and friends.
learn how to pair wine with food like a professional
So I purchased the book below that teaches you how to pair wine and cheeses. I'm so learning but it's a very helpful e-book if you will like to learn how to pair wine with cheese,  refine your wine IQ and  palette, and master the art of food and wine pairing I suggest that you take a look at the books to see if it's something you would be interested in. It's very cheap!