My name is Leslie Brown I go by Lee I am the owner of Everything Man Shop. I wanted to explain this section of my website where I write and suggest products for men.
I developed this section of blog posts specifically for the men. Recently, I decided to add another element to my site to offer services, and resources for the men that visit my site.
Recently, I have been speaking with a few of my male friends about what they think would be good topics and resources for me to offer on my blog posts. These are men that I have had long-term friendships with and I respect their suggestions. I wrote a bunch of notes over the last couple of weeks while speaking with them and been gathering all my information so that way I can develop a funnel of infographics, resources, self-help books, information that you can purchase or read to assist you in anything that you have been curious about or will like to discover.

Because I care about the quality of information that I suggest on my site, I partnered with quite a few other program owners of the information that I have on my blogs. A few of my friends suggested a few of the products that I have on my blog that they have used and had wonderful results with. I took time and care in hand picking the specific information resources to add to my site. Some of the programs or information is free, some are at a cost. You will be redirected in all my blog posts with the links that are provided to where you can find more information and if there is a cost to that specific item it will be stipulated on their page. These are third party sites. If you make any purchases it is through their secured payment gateways. I do have to inform you that if you decide to purchase anything from those third-party sites I do receive a small commission for them since I am the author of this blog but I am sending potential customers to them. I hope that my blog posts will be of help and support and informational to those that read it.

Thank you so much for reading this. Additionally, please feel free to look over my entire site where I have lots of items specialize for men such as personalized gifts cufflinks groomsmen gifts man cave items personalized bar wear etc HERE

I wish everyone a wonderful and awesome day!

Leslie (Lee) Brown

Owner And Author